How i Started Hating ENGINEERING 

Engineering has been said as the most toughest course among other courses.I do concur about that.Yes It is the most difficult,toughest course but also a course in which i feel i m wasting my so precious time. I mean why do we get so many assignments journals to complete. Although Teachers know very well that each word is done by doing copy paste. Why we forced to do such that. Are we animals that Institutions are feeding us unnecessary stuffs,Aren’t we?

Some says it needs alot of talent to do such copy paste things in assignments Yup it does but it takes lots of patience and talent to waste our time. After joining engineering i hardly could manage to get time to interact with peoples to learn other stuffs.
I talked to lot of people this month about their careers goals and courses. I met a guy who is a Student and he is into some vfx and graphic course and currently doing job for a foreign company and also in Bollywood and also on his own production house. He hardly get time to sleep just like We engineers but he is using his time perfectly and he is not forced to waste his time.I interacted with so many people who are enjoying their life without wasting their times and also making their carriers.But if i talk about engineers we  hardly get time to think about our own self.
After joining engg my life has changed completely I started becoming too introvert person which i don’t ever wanted to become.
Have you ever experienced this that an engg student uploads a status about their last exam like “Yeah finally exams are over” but they knows that now they got nothing to do except to use social networking sites and again to waste their time.
I still have false hopes and my parents have true faiths on me and that i will survive this 3 years with more courage and motivation.
But all i know i m going to waste my 3 years more in train with assignment,with practicals, horrible viva’s,infinite semesters, kt’s etc.
I wish if i could enjoy my life the same way as i planned.I was knowing one day i will be hating engineering but i didnt know that this would come so soon.☆


2 thoughts on “How i Started Hating ENGINEERING 

  1. Someone said be a good planner than a bad engineer. But plan some thing & take correct steps to reach you to your goals.


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