​The shriek of the Alarm clock frightened me,I lurched forward to turn it off. It was my 18th Birthday & all i knew was to get ready for my classes. I could see all the blurred slide shows of my past while getting ready. I Stood in front of mirror for a couple of minute and took a deep breath and said to myself  “This is me!! This is how I remain  forever”.With these words I was wondering All those situations I will be facing ahead.

I  am such a passionate girl about several things but my short height was becoming my weakness, and it was making me lose all my hopes on myself. I started feeling like a Minion who always needs a supporting hand and a boss to direct them. But then I came up with a Lovely and Motivational thought that “Not every short girl is a  minion some can be a power puff girls too And that’s what I am going to be.”

During Hot summer and Ramadhan days I struggled alot as my admission session was going on. I got admission and it was  Admirable moment. I was sure about the situations that i will be going through, Because Its necessary chore for the youngsters to poke others. Mentally i am not so used to it,But i had learned to avoids unnecessary stuffs. I travel 4 hours not to listen and care about such people comments. I could burst into tears but I chose to let it go with a smile. Cause short girls are known for their cuteness and i didn’t want to be odd.
Humans as well as subjects too,I Was so tired of getting torture by them. Sitting with a huge Drawing board in Examination Hall was a Shame faced moment for me, I just felt like to go on top of the mountain and to throw that board down. But i needed it for my rest 2 exams.  

A short message from my side to all short girls out there and  who have a aim in their life.

‘We can do anything,We just need to be a good planner and the rest work can be done by others. We need to become a Mentally strong person. Learn to ignore those people who think Complan is the solution. We Are Beautiful,Pretty and Cute too.

No person can see us crying as its awful moment for them if they see a little cute girl crying.

We look good when we Blush Cause as we have chubby cheeks which makes us look  a Teddy.

If we ever do any mistake no one will shouts on us cause we look so innocent in every situations’.

Dear All Short Girls, You are Beauty❤ 

By Heena Malik

Edited by Akhil Ravindranak




  1. I can very much relate to this even though I am a guy. I am not too tall, too short, 5.5. So i had this complex that I wasn’t tall enough. it took a good 5-6 years for it to eventually fade away, that’s when I started realizing that our deeds are what that matter more, what we achieve with whatever we got. Even Sachin was short, but he became a legend. But yeah, I could relate to what you feel. Good post Heena. Be Strong. Be Short and Proud 😛

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