BEFORE THE SUMMER WAS OVER, Maira had a new task of completing a report for her project. She went downstairs and could feel the silence of peace. She went to kitchen and found nothing to eat. Hastily she opened the fridge and ended up finding nothing. 

“Where on hell did all the food go?” She muttered.

“Dear I had made Sandwiches but your siblings ate them all”. Her mom said.

“Oh, So they forgot me. Yeah why would they leave something for me!!! I am all  Alone”.

“No daughter you ain’t, I will make something for you. If you could wait for sometime.” Her Mom Said.

“Don’t take trouble of Making anything for me, I will have something from outside and Mom I am Forever Alone“. Her mom could see tears in her eyes. But she hadn’t ask her why she was crying. Her mom knew she wouldn’t  let others know about her feelings.
Dear soon your college will start and then we can meet. I am so sorry that i haven’t texted you from last two days. I was doing night shifts and didn’t get enough sleep. So text me when and where to meet I will come & Love You“. Her Phone pop’s up with this text. It was From Sidharth. 

Sidharth aka Sid Works in an call centre and also a Student of IITB. He is tall, his hairs are curly, dark and Short tempered person . 

Their love story starts with the wish Sid had made before asking her out. Although Maira took first step and proposed him. Maira had made a commitment and told him that she wouldn’t ever break this relationship as she loved him with full of her heart. But he failed to feel same towards her although he said he loves her back. She had been waiting for him to do a commitment, And thats why she always feels like SHE IS All ALONE.

After Summer was over,She was excited for her 3rd year of her course to start. She texted Sid. “Hello, I hope you wouldn’t mind meeting tomorrow as you said before. I’ll be At Platform 4. Morning 8 , And be on time please i do not want to get late for the first day of my college. See You“. Sid replied “ Sure honey I will be there by 8 & I am Excited to meet You too“. She caught herself smiling at mirror after a long time.

She reached early as she was all excited to meet Sid. It was already 8:15 a.m and no sign of sid,she was worried ,she tried calling him and did so many text messages but all went unanswered. She felt a strange pain her stomach. “Hello, You left your book over here”. She turned around hoping that it was sid but it wasn’t him but a stranger she replied to him. “Oh, Sorry. I forgot completely about it. Thank You”. She said. He looked at her And Said “U have pretty eyes”.

 “Thank You”. She said softly. 

“It Seems as if You are sad, I dont want to know the reason but I am taught to start my day by smiling even u should try” 

“Yeah, right”.

“By the way, I am Aryan.I hope you Won’t mind if i ask you out for a coffee”. It had been a long time  since Aryan had seen Maira who travels from the same station as he did from past 2 years but he had never talk with her.

She answered “I am Maira ,and I don’t like coffee”.

 He protested   “Okay then,what about a pizza??? I know a good place nearby”. 

She said “I don’t hangout with strangers!!Thanxs fr ur courtesy but now I have to go and get on my train”.
To be continued…


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