SHE WAS ALREADY LATE.  As she ran down the stairs, She moved her sand colored hair off her forehead and quickly looked at her wrist watch.

“7:39, Damn! I am late today”. She muttered as she missed her train. She stood on the platform waiting for the next train and was lost in her own thoughts.


Aryan who also got late saw Maira for first time after two weeks. She was looking different and tired.

“Hey Maira” Aryan Smiled.

“Hey?” She said with a blank face.

Aryan came to know from her expression that she must have forgotten him. He shook hand with her and said “You don’t remember me, do You?”.

Then she tried remembering him but Aryan interrupted “Aryan, the guy who asked you out a two weeks ago and..”. “Oh Yeah right!!! The guy who also knows a good pizza place nearby”   She said as she started laughing.

He  interrupted her, “Oh you still remember our conversation”. Aryan said.
She answered “Yes, after all it was way too weird”.

He was silent for a moment as he never felt so embarrassed to talk with anyone like this. He thought about his first impression which went horribly wrong and he had to overcome this. He saw that train was coming but he wanted to talk more with her so he confidently asked her “Lets go together?”.

“Okay”. Maira answered as she wanted to reach college asap and ladies coach must be filled with ladies carrying fish tray at this time which will stink the entire coach.

They both sat as the coach was not too much crowded. Aryan offered her window seat and saw her blushing like a little kid who had been offered lots of chocolates.


PicsArt_08-14-06.07.05 - Copy


The train was about to start and Maira removed her earphones from bag. Aryan saw this and asked “Music addict?”.

“No” She answered.


 Its just that i got no one to talk with in my journey and in my life so i listen to music and read books”.


PicsArt_08-14-06.09.46 - Copy

 “No one seriously? not even high school friends? Don’t you have some friends who travel with You and You seem so pretty so You must’ve got someone special to talk with”.

“Yes. But they think i only talk about studies and life goals” as she avoided talking about Sid and started to wonder what Sid must be doing now.

“And no one listens to you?”

She met his eyes without answering. “If you don’t mind you can talk to me about studies,life goals etc, I would love to listen for sure” He said.

She was about to answer then she felt some vibrations from her bag and it was call from Sid.

“Excuse me” She said to Aryan and received the call excitingly.

“Hey sweetheart, Where are you? I want to meet you please honey” Sid said.

“Wait let me speak Sid. I cant meet today i am already getting late. We will meet some other time.” She answered sadly.

“But why Maira? Why we cant meet? You know very well i don’t get time, i planned to meet now and  you are ruining it. Cant you bunk your lectures for me?” He asked

“No Sid, I can’t. I have some important lectures today. I understand you don’t get time, you also need to understand that I am not always free even I have things to do!! At least you should have informed me yesterday that we could meet today then I would have done something. I am already on my way to college “. She answered in a low voice.

“Its OK we will meet after you get your degree then.For you I am nothing”.

“But What about your wish sid and I miss u terribly!!!” She said.

They talked for few more minutes. Maira kept her phone in her bag and she was left heart broken completely. She loved Sid so much that she never knew he would talk out like this to her.

“Does your friends know about him?” Aryan asked.

“No”. She answered.

“Are you okay?”. Aryan asked again

“Yeah, I am fine”. She nodded.

“In case if you consider me as friend you can share it with me as sharing helps to off load the burden in your heart”. He said in a soft voice.

She didn’t answer. She remained silent for some time and then she said “I am Alone now”.

Aryan felt bad for her. He didn’t knew what had happened but he understood that she was going through a bad phase. He wanted to know more about her love life and Sid’s wish. But he couldn’t ask that as it will make her more sad so he asked her  about her life goals and which course she was doing.

As Aryan luckily had good knowledge about the course which she was pursuing, Maira enjoyed talking to him.

“Hey, I have to get down in this station. It was nice talking you, Good bye” She said.

“Good bye” He said.

Maira and Aryan enjoyed several journeys together after this. Aryan always tried his best to advise her and give her good company throughout their journey. Maira tried so many times to contact Sid but as he said he will meet her only after she gets her Degree so he never answered to any of her calls or messages as he was a very stubborn about what he said. She didn’t lose any hopes and decided she make herself so strong that she will only contact Sid after getting her degree.

To Be Continued….


28 thoughts on “WAS SHE ALONE?-2

  1. Very nice story the un said love feelings… .i like aryan character need more to know about him.. Waiting for it… . N sid character also quite interesting… . Waiting to c that he really contact her…. As he says??.. ..
    N the heart of the story Maira.. .. .. would she take proper decision for her own life.. .. Loneliness
    Take her where??? Waiting heena for ur best part of story

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome story…very excited for the part-3….all the characters are very nice….just excited to know who will get Maira…well done Heena.. Stay blessed.. keep doing it..proud of u..awaiting for ur next part..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your comment and your excitement.
      I am glad to see my sister’s comment here.
      I m thankful to you also as you helped me to initiate this.
      Thank you!

      Ps- dont check my laptop for part 3 i m not even ready with this.


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