My first award as a BLOGGER. 

I got my first award as a blogger today (17th August) by the sweetest girl Isabella (i love her name so much).

She asked me 10 questions and i answered all honestly. She even helped me for the further procedures, because i had seen that peoples upload some pictures and i thought that was necessary to take from the person who gives you award.

I felt so glad after getting notification. I started this blog 3 months ago and i was truly not aware about followers, bloggers, likes and comment over here. I thought only sharing links with others was the true meaning of blogging. Then i had a chitchat with my classmate and she told me all about followers (she use tumblr blog) so i began to think is that what really happen? And then i came up with this. A week ago i started chasing followers here and now i have 7 followers, and so many viewers who read my blogs. I am so great full to Isabella, she gave me that thing for which i was looking. A leibster award. Now i can say proudly to everyone i have a liebster award which is no big deal for others but for me it is.

So happy blogging everyone and i will nominate others tommorow.
Be always happy.



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