AFTER 2 YEARS, SHE TRIED CALLING SID. She didn’t get any response from his side. She thought he wouldn’t be knowing anything about her life as they are not in touch with each other. She felt so disappointed after that. All she wanted was to inform him about completion of her course. After completing her course she got placed in a very well reputed company. But only disadvantage was that she had to go away from her family as they had recruited her for a job aboard. She then realized she forgot to inform Aryan about it so she called him up.


“Hey Maira, how are u???” He said.

“I m fine, how are you?”

“I am fine too. I was thinking of calling you only. I am glad that you called. Its been so long we haven’t seen each other, If you have time then we can meet.”

“Ya sure. My schedule for this week is too busy as my friends and relatives are throwing farewell party to me.”

“Farewell party? Are you going to somewhere?.”

“Yes Aryan, I am going  abroad for job.”

They remained silent for some time. She began to cry then. No sound, just tears running down her cheeks.

“Maira its such an amazing news. Congratulations! Just tell me when you get time. We’ll go for dinner.” He said.

“Ok.” She said.

There was silence at her end.

She came out of her room, walked to the balcony and waited for the day to changed to night.

“10 days” She said to herself and looked towards the sky. She started thinking of all good and bad times she had been through.

As the time passed, She enjoyed all the farewells and dinners. But she ended up crying at the end of it. Every person whom she met at farewell started telling her how hard it could be to stay without family, this was scarring her. She had suffered a lot of  pain of being treated as unwanted and ignored by Sid. She didn’t talked about this to any one about how she felt because it might lead to a lot of trouble for her.

She looked at her mobile and tried calling Sid. She came to know eventually that sid has changed his number . She felt very bad about this. She kept her phone aside and tried to sleep as she tried to forget and move on from Sid.

The waves of sunlight disturbed her as it hit her on her face in morning . “I need to go out and enjoy while I am still here making the best of last few days that’s left.” By thinking  this she got ready to meet her friends and college professors who had helped her lot .

Suddenly her mom shouted

“Maira, open the door.”

“Yaa I am coming “.

When she opened the door she saw a beautiful bouquet. There was a note inside of that. She opened it with a confusing smile.







She read it quickly. She didn’t know what he was planing but she knew it was going to be amazing.

Her smile grew broader. She grab that bouquet and ran fast to her room before someone would see it.

The next day she woke up around 2’o clock and got ready to meet Aryan. She wore a white kurti full sleeved and black jeans with a scarf around her neck.  She could hear the sound of the cab so she came down and closed her door silently and sat in the cab.

It was all dark outside the cab, this made her a bit scared. It took 30 minutes to reach where Aryan was waiting for her. When she reached she found herself at a sea site view. She came out of the cab and saw Aryan in white shirt and blue jeans and guitar on his back.

She gave him a beautiful smile but inside in her heart she was a bit upset and scared .

“How did you know i would wear white?” Aryan said.

“I don’t know. I thought white would look good for this beautiful meeting”.

“Don’t get upset. I was just trying to mess around .”

And they continued having their endless talks. 

They forgot about every other problem they were in and only thing that mattered was they were together. The sound of sea waves gave them a feel that they are not alone. 

“Why did you bring the  guitar?” Maira asked

“Oh! I wanted to give you a surprise by singing my favorite song.” He answered

“Lag Ja Gale?” She asked

“Yes, But i added my own lyrics. If you feel like its out of tone or if I am irritating u ask me to stop.”. He smiled and turned to guitar. “So here your friend Aryan is dedicating this song to the most beautiful girl in this world.” 

“Wow! I didn’t expect this.” She exclaimed.

She puts down her face and covers it with her hands as she blushes but he touches her hand and she looks up to his face and finds him looking into her eyes and he  begins to sings.

Lag ja gale ki phir Ye hasin raat ho na ho

Shayad phir is janam mein Mulaakat ho na ho
Lag ja gale se….

 Hum ko mili hai aaj yeh ghadiya naseeb se

Jee bhar ke dekh lijiye humko kareeb se

 Phir apke naseeb mein Ye raat ho na ho

Shayad phir is janam mein Mulaakat ho na ho….

Lag ja gale se….

Ruuk si gayi hai yeh subha Tham si gayi hai raat

Bas kuch palo ka hai safar Haslege saath saath

Phir aapke chehre pe Muskaan ho na ho

Shayad phir is janam mein Mulaakat ho na ho…..

Lag ja gale se….

To be continue….


38 thoughts on “WAS SHE ALONE?-3

  1. Wooo woooo woo……emotional n interesting Mrs.Heena Malik , ur just exploring by God ! Arya’s character is just excellent , keep going further m vry muvh addicted of reading story now after starting from here…!!


  2. D things done by arya was fabulous n motivating , specially d Song ! I love each n every line of d song,dis part was phenomenal !


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