Was she alone? -4

Its was time for sunrise, Maira and Aryan looked on as the sun began to rise from ocean. 

The wind suddenly blew her hair and she caught his eyes looking at her. “This is beautiful” Aryan said . “What?” She asked teasingly and  smiled. 

“This morning I mean, its so beautiful,” panted Aryan “Make any wish you want Maira and it will come true .”

 “Okay then!! Lets do it together.” She said while looking at him.

“I want to meet Sid before going abroad.” She made this wish with closed eyes and was lost in her thoughts. 

Her voice was audible enough to Aryan n wished “I want to spend my rest of the life with Maira, I want to propose her. God give me strength for it.” He made this wish with opened eyes. He felt sad after knowing her wish. He thought it would be better if he keeps his feelings to himself. 

“So you didn’t call Sid yet??” He asked.

“I did, in fact I tried many times. He never received any of my calls and after sometime I came to know that he has changed his number”

“Why is he doing this? You guys were together and he left you for no reason.” 

“He didn’t leave me, he said to me that he will meet me only after completion of my course.” 

“So why did he changed his number Maira?? If he still thinks about u then he should have at least informed you about changing his number!! It’s over now, you have to get over of him.”

“I don’t know. All I know is I want to meet him one last time and tell him how much I love him and miss him”. She said in soft voice.

Aryan didn’t expect this. He planned this whole surprise to propose her but after knowing she still had feelings for Sid he took a step back. He bent down and picked his guitar while Maira was continuously staring at sea waves. 

“I think we should go now” Aryan said.

“Ya” said Maira .

Now she had only two days left to go to a totally different country. She was neither happy nor sad, she was just letting things to happen as they usually do. In these two days Aryan somehow found Sid. He informed Sid about the circumstances and asked him if he could come to airport. Sid agreed after knowing the fact that Maira is leaving and somewhere he still have feeling for her.

She walked towards her mom carrying her bags on her shoulder. She hugged her mom and sisters. The time finally came when she had to leave. Her mom guided her forward with her hands on her shoulder. “I am so proud of you” She controlled her tears “Call me after you reach there”.

“Why can’t we come with you to airport Maira?” Her sister’s asked, “You are going aboard for first time  and we are your family we are supposed to be there with you when you leave”.

“It’s not about first or last time, It’s about Family. I don’t want anyone to cry at airport when I will check in and create an emotional drama over there”. 

“If we really matter to you. You should have asked us before u decide everything on your own” her sister said angrily “Happy journey!!! Take care and good riddance “.

“I just want to avoid all crying and making me emotionally weak and making me reconsider my choice!!! I just want to be alone for sometime and you guys take care and don’t trouble mom much while I am gone”. As she tried to explain to her sisters about how she felt and with this words she left her home holding bags as tears rolled down her eyes and she didn’t want her mom or sisters to see this.

“She won’t be alone there, she wasn’t ever alone. She always has us.” Her mom said proudly, “Let she start her career with  confidence and pride”. 

She took cab to airport and started checking if she had forgotten something. And when she reached, she saw Aryan at airport. 

“Hey Maira, how are you?” He asked”I’m good and what a surprise, i never thought i will meet u here so you here for someone?”

“Yep, I am here for you.”

“But I didn’t ask you to come.”

“Are you not happy seeing me here””It’s not like that, I didn’t even let my family or friends to give me an airport sendoff”.

“Maira”.She heard her name and turned around. It was Sid. 

He changed a little with appearance. “Sid” She said shockingly “I cannot believe you are here. How did you come to know about this”.

“First let me say this I am regretful for being so rude” Sid said.

“It’s ok. I have to go now” she said.”You can’t” He pleaded in a high voice.”I know you waited for me for so long, I know you miss Me.” Sid said.”Because you told me to wait and later you changed your number Sid” She interrupted. “You were so Alone Maira because of me, but now I don’t want you to feel alone ever. So please be..”

She interrupted sid before he could complete his words “I was not alone, I was not alone ever. I missed you more than anything but I have had my dreams, my aims and my career and a disheartened hope.”

She seemed broke. He was staring at her. 

“You were alone Maira without me” He said. 

“Without You? I was alone when I was with you also, being with someone doesn’t mean that you don’t have any rights to feel alone. I was alone because I was accomplishing my dreams and I was finding my own self. There is a world outside and I was afraid of it but I taught myself to face everything and overcome my problems. But then I met myself. I figured out it’s important to know yourself first. It’s important to be alone so that you can meet your inner self. I needed you not to hurt me, I needed you to be my strength but you made me weak.” as she shrieked 

“Maira, are you ok?” Aryan moved towards Maira and took the bags from her 

“No I am not” She said. Aryan saw the anger come into Maira’s eyes. “Sid!” she said sharply.

“Maira, it’s ok. It was all my fault.” Sid said but maira turned towards Aryan and said “Thank you so much Aryan for completing my wish.” and she hugged Aryan. Her words seemed to reach into his heart and suddenly his eyes burst into tears.

“You’re a lovely person, Maira. You’ll find many good friends there.” Aryan said.

“But not you. I’ll miss you.” She said.

She took her bags from Aryan and she says to him “Good bye. Take care.” Aryan turns and starts to gazed out over the water, fearing that if he looked at her, he would take her into his arms and made her realize that it was a mistake. 

So she turns towards sid and makes an eye contact with him.

They looked at each other for a long moment, then she took a tentative step toward him. He opened his arms and she came into them as if she was a child in teddy’s grasp. 

“Good bye Siddharth.” she said while moving away from him towards the airport entrance and she continued to move forward and didn’t look back.

Dedicating to all teenagers who thinks a guy/girl can let him/her feel alone. LET THIS LONELINESS HELP YOU TO FIND YOURSELF.


19 thoughts on “Was she alone? -4

  1. It was amazing once again the content is good and picture is awsome….!!
    This story give me a some lesson to me
    really I enjoyed a lot to read u r story thanks for shearing keep doing this um very excited to read u r next story


  2. Best strt ever i read……beautifully uh ended ths stry…… really… happie…n more encorageble aftr knwng a bst msg message frm ths.stry….. wish uh d luck fr ur blog…


  3. I read all the contents of story. I want to say only one thing about that story. Was she Alone-4 is a very effective heart-touching situations is concerned with teenager relationship.
    #FantasticLyrics #WonderfulStory #AffableWriter #SplendidDialogues #UltimateScripts Beautiful heena 😇😊


  4. Feel tremendously sad foh arya😭I toth in last part arya will propose maira n deyll b together ! I really feel vry sad for arya , it’s vry heart breaking💔 ! I can even express in words😷
    Bdw well done again it just make me cry for arya n maira ! May God bless uhh wid success , happiness n good lyf…!! Plz plz dnt stop here…b keep going we would love to read more..😘
    Excellent story Heena 👏👌


    1. I am too happy seeing that still people reads MY BLOG. I’ve been using different blog site called as tinyteller.blogspot.in where i publish small articles about life love happiness peace etc. Thank you so much for encouraging ☺


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