Hello followers!! Its been so long i’ve not been active on wordpress and feel sorry for that. I apologized for not answering to awards question. But yeah i am accepting all now πŸ˜… (i like awards) ehemmmπŸ˜†!! So as far as i know i’ ve been active on instagram facebook and on whtasapp but i like not to talk more with anyone its all upto my schedule. But if i get free time i stalk everyone profiles but hardly take a inititate to text. So right now m feeling too bored you can see that i prefer using shortcuts. The only app which i feel would be helpful for me is WordPress. After opening it i got to see a post where it was written as “Blog like nobody is watching”, So i just hope that no body will read this. Actually this is going to be  my first non edited post, my every post gets edited first before publishing by Akhil. He and I decided to work together on blogspot rather than here. 

    I have many stories in my diary to share with my readers and followers which i will be working on after my exams because my schedule is too busy. Viva exams, Iit techfest, semester and kt exam of drawing which all will end on 29th Decembr and after that i might go on vacations. But a vacactions which would help me in my blogging and also a huge project is waiting for me and too many opportunites is wating for me. So fellows this is going to be a blog where i will just post about me and my thoughts and  A blog named as Tiny Teller on blogspot will be available after 7 is going to be a blog for stories and fun!! 

Just a message:- If you are feeling sad or alone then watch friends or read a good book 😊😊 


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