​Hello, I am Heena Malik from Mumbai Doing Civil Engineering also owns a blog called as TINY TELLER. Isnt it a boring Introducion of my self? It says that I am satisfied with my life which I am totally not and I don’t want to be satisfied ever. I’ve seen many people complaining about their life including me(Sometimes), I’ve seen many of my friends are not happy with some of the things which are not going acc to them. I am also not happpppy with my life. My life is boring, I don’t have real friends to go out whenever I want also I don’t have any special one in my life. I do have an atm card like you all but I don’t have permission to access it without of my Mummy’s permission. Just like you all I am also the one who wanted to be the happiest person of this world, Just like you all I was in this journey to find peace In my life but now it doesn’t matter to me . 
I’ve experienced many of the things in my 11th and 12th. I was the dumbest person who had failed in a test of a chapter called LOGARITHM. Not just once but twice. I was continoustly scoring less in my 11th std and I felt ashamed of not being intelligent. I started my Sem1 thinking about Logarithm test. I was disturbed in my Sem1 because I didn’t want to see myself again failing in exams. Speaking honestly for me marks matters a lot. I managed to get fit into a new college, new teachers, new environment which was kind of hard to me. I didn’t complain for anything to anyone, neither to my Mom for not asking me about my decisions of getting admission into AIKTC. Doing Engineering was my choice but From AIKTC was not. Anyways, I couldn’t go against to my mom’s decision.  When the result of SEM1 came out on 20th February I got to know that I cleared my SEM1. I was shocked I couldn’t believe. I spoke to my teachers about this that I am not sure about my result, and then everyone started thinking that I don’t have confidence on my self. I cleared my Sem1 because of failing several test exams in my 11th and 12th. I was not satisfied with what I had been scoring, And all this unsatisfications led me to cleared my Sem1. So as I cleared sem1 I had kind of attitude that I can clear every sem from nowonwards. But then I got KT in Sem2 And in Engineering Drawing! I was confused  that what? I? Really? kt? 
Life is a strange, When I was disturbed, broken, tired, I cleared my exam but when I was satisfied with my marks I got failed. So, I dont want peace in my life, because the moment when I again starts thinking I am a person who have achieved everything is going to be the moment when I’ll not work for more. I am not a brilliant student, I am not a perfect blogger. I am a not perfect me and I love this feeling which lets you to become  more passionate about your dreams. I love the feeling when I feel so broken because it makes me so aggressive about certain things and it gives me a positive result. At the age of 19 if I am going the be a peaceful person then I am going to be a failure forever. Because Feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, seeing someone doing better than me always helps me to comes out as a better person. I want to achieve more and more in my life and I cannot achieve if I’ll think I’ve already achieved more.  I don’t want PEACE In my life, I Want Just a PIECE of PEACE sometimes but not eveytime. Or I can be happy with a PIECE of CAKE
Life is strange, The more you know about this The more you get confused. Life is beautiful, The more you start loving others The more you get hurt. Life is a tragedy, The more you play with it The more level will comes.

Life is a blank book, The more you fill the more it will become intresting 


               -BY HEENA MALIK


11 thoughts on “The PIECE of PEACE

  1. The commonly known thing is that Our Life(i.e. Engineer’s Life) is often referred as Boring😂😂
    But only we know that from our sight of view how much we enjoy it!!
    Now from world’s view, that’s a different case..


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