The never happening date

“Where have you been today?”She was asked by her friends. She came late to college even though she had practicals which she wanted to attend to increase her attendace but despite of all that she had chosen to sleep extra two hours. She couldn’t make out to get up soon as she had spent the whole night chatting with her boy friend.

“She must be sleeping” Alex said “I’ve tried her call many times but it was switch3d off”. She refused to answer any of them. She was still in chaos, thinking about the serious conversation which she have had last night with her loved one.

“Sia, why you seem so upset? Didn’t you get breakfast from home?” Laughed her friends on her. Sia finally spoke. She answered them with just limited words which seemed to be satisfying. “I wasn’t well so i come late”. Her friends knew that something is wrong with her. The girl who gets excited of little things now seemed pretty upset and low. Her friends wanted to give her space but also they were in urge to know the reason of her being secluded.

“Who want party today?” asked Alex

“You guyz go i am feeling better here, i want to complete todays note” refused Sia interrupting John and Diandra. They allowed her to come out of her saddness. She loved their such gestures. They always give her space when needed. One needs privacy, one needs silence, One needs space. One doesnt choose to isolate by own irrespective of circumstances. Some gets isolated by people, Some gets isolated because of not fitting in that surrounding, Some gets isolated because of their not matching habit with others. The reason of Sia’s absence of mind, isolation was different.

She sat near tree thinking about how she let one  boy destroy her inner peace totally, thinking that how just one existence can have huge impact on ours life. Her happiness, sadness every emotions were dependent and connected to her boy friend, who wanted to go away from her life, who got another girl which he thought would be perfect to him.

She saw her friends coming from canteen along with some other classmate. She saw that they were having fun, laughing on random jokes, making fun of others. The came near to her and asked if she feel pretty well so that they can go for other lectures. The moment she saw them smiling despite of having many problems she felt much better. “You look pretty with your smile” Mike passed a comment to Sia. Mike, A careless guy, Who find happiness even in small things. Who looks cute having black hair and thin who doesnt required to workout. Sia felt happy after receiving this compliment. Sia stopped there with her squad and asked “WANNA GO ON A DATE WITH ME?”. Mike was shocked, may be he never got asked by any girl like this before. He seemed quite shocked. Laughing with alex and john Sia asked him again “Dont worry i wont eat much, just a street side food would be enough”. He agreed with a cute smile, knowing that it wouldn’t happen ever.

After a year Sia received a mail from mike asking when will she go on a date with him. Though they both have been busy in their life, still Mike ask her often. Never know when they go on a date but they know if they will ever just once its gonna be very special.





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